Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shoe Haul: Charles & Keith and Pill Sandals

Apparently, BF is generous. I must have thought out loud one day that I badly need a new pair of sandals. After more than a year of working at the Makati CBD, I find wearing sandals more comfortable than wearing pumps or even ballet flats. With all the walking I do in the CBD due to strict implementation of traffic rules, I like my feet to breath and not enclosed. 

Charles & Keith multi-colored sandals 

This is my first ever pair of Charles & Keith, so please indulge me!

Done in the spirit of foot vanity

I wore it to the office the following day. Two days after, I wished I had another new pair of sandals. I love my Charles & Keith so much that I don't want my lovely pair to be overused. BF heard my wish. So off to The Ramp Glorietta I went. Voila! I found this comfy gray sandals which can be worn with corporate casual clothes.

Pill sandals

A big thanks to BF! Much love, Mommy.

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