Saturday, August 7, 2010

Breakfast at Salcedo Market

To my knowledge, the Salcedo Market is the high-end version of a street market in the metro. Tucked in Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, this market continues to delight expats, locals or simply curious foodies for years with its local and international cuisine and fresh products. My BF and I were in the mood for food trip this morning, so off to Salcedo Market we went.

Here are the breakfast tummy fillers we sampled:

Ilocos empanada (Batac version, to be specific) at Php 60 each

It's the famous yummy empanada from the Plaza Ilocandia stall. This orange-colored delight is filled with grated papaya, bean sprouts and egg. It's much more delicious when sprinkled with Ilocos vinegar.

Bersi Gyros shawarma (Php 95; an additional Php 5 for cheese)

According to BF, it's heavy on the stomach. I was simply not in the mood for garlic sauce. Nuff said.

Mantequilla's eggplant lasagna with meat sauce (Php 150)

Generous serving and heavy too yet very delish. I didn't manage to finish it all by myself. Yes, it was that heavy.

Healthy dalandan juice (Php 40)

The dalandan slices caught my eye. Looks healthy and refreshing, right?

Dave's Naturals premium frozen yogurt (Php 70 per cup)

The lady vendor indulged us with a taste test of almost five flavors. We chose intense chocolate  flavor as it tastes so un-fro-yo! It tastes more like dark chocolate ice cream.

I am so looking forward to our next Salcedo Market food trip! Alarm clock and sunshiny weather, we are now forever grateful to you.

Celebs spotted: H-W tandem of Marc Pingris & Danica Sotto, Ciara Sotto, Anthony Pangilinan and Susan Callo-Medina of Travel Time

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