Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yogurt Lovin' Part 1

I recently vowed to become more health-conscious. Baby steps, baby steps. I keep on reminding myself with that. So when my unusual habit of browsing the grocery shelves kicks in, my vow seems to surface somewhere in my subconscious mind. I skipped the junk food area and off to the dairy area I went. And there I saw the newest yogurts in the Nestle Fruit Selection, or so I think. It's yogurt + jelly! Images of creamy yogurt and the jiggly thing called jelly enticed me to grab these two cups.

Buco pandan and strawberry (Php 20 each)

It's good to know that Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + Jelly has 1.2 billion live microorganisms.  Plus, with all the health benefits of yogurt, there's really no reason not to eat these healthy treats. I felt I had a yogurt info overdose lately after learning this and that. Blah-blah. 

Yogurt + jelly lovin'

Needless to say, they taste good. I managed to eat the two yogurts and I was very happy. Enough for baby steps. I think I love eating healthy after all. 

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