Saturday, August 14, 2010

Go Greek!

Thanks to OAP (go click!) for featuring Go Greek! food stall last week! That awesome food blog piqued my interest in Greek food. Once upon a time, my friends and I were disappointed with Cyma-Trinoma branch and that unfortunate experience led me to boycott Greek food for almost a year. So there.
Greek Kebab chicken combo (Php 135) -grilled meat skewers served with side salad, yogurt dip, hot sauce and pita bread

My first Go Greek! experience was last Friday the 13th (August 13) with my officemates and I was impressed with the Greek salad. Two things lingered on my mind: the Greek vinaigrette was really superb on the veggie salad and the grilled tomatoes on the chicken kebab was yummy with the yogurt garlic dip. The downside however prevails: I forgot to take a pic. LOL! So, yesterday, I prodded dear mother to try Go Greek! after our Salcedo Market food trip. 

Mama a.k.a. Ruby

Since I was still full from our market food trip, I only ordered eggplant lasagna or moussaka. It was quite heavy on the tummy but I gobbled it all up. Let's forget about diet here.

Greek gggplant lasagna or mousakka (Php 115) -served hot from the oven and sprinkled with parmesan cheese and herbs

Nomnomnom, I can proudly declare I had a change of heart.. I now love Greek food! :)

Go Greek!
Glorietta 4 Food Choices

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