Sunday, August 1, 2010

5 Spoons for Golden Spoon!

After watching Salt at Podium Cinema and raving how pretty Dina Bonnevie is (who was standing in line behind me at the ladies' room), BF and I went to try Golden Spoon frozen yogurt.  Without batting an eyelash, I'd give five spoons for Golden Spoon frozen yogurt. Okay, make it five golden spoons.

Peanut butter cup with chocolate rocks (Php 175)

Although it's a bit more expensive than regular frozen yogurt brands in the market, Golden Spoon is a must-try. It doesn't have that tart and sour taste often associated with frozen yogurt. It tastes more like velvety smooth ice cream. Good thing I asked the server what their bestseller for the day is, and she told me that it's peanut butter cup. So peanut butter cup it is.

Spoon it, baby!

A poster nearby tells us that Golden Spoon frozen yogurts are non-fat, low calorie, high in protein, with six active cultures (oh it's yogurt, right?), more calcium than milk and 100% creamy satisfaction. Golden yum.

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