Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Legally Blonde: The Musical

OMIGOD! That's my bubble thought when I got hold of our precious tickets to Legally Blonde: The Musical. It was sorta difficult to choose prime seats on a weekend and, after an hour of exchanging SMS with contact persons for various play dates, I was able to grab two tickets (priced at Php 1,000 each - just to watch Elle!) for prime seats. Unexplainable excitement and giddy-like happiness!

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Long before I found myself strutting in law school, Elle Woods was one of my fave heroines. Why not? She's one heck of a femme fatale. Then came law school where almost every single lass in the class wears or owns something pink. In my personal glossary, pink is synonymous to Elle Woods. I couldn't imagine my law school life without Elle Woods-y stuff. Hey, I am not talking about feather pens or heart-shaped notebooks. It's more than that. It's kinda shameful to admit but, yes, Elle Woods inspired me how to be confident and having a little faith in people and myself. I could go on rambling but I need to stop.

Our precious tickets

We're lucky to be seated in the first few rows of Meralco Theater last July 17, 8:00 p.m. show. Lots of familiar faces on TV and print were part of the audience, laughing carelessly and enjoying every minute of the musical.

Nikki Gil (Elle Woods) was indeed a revelation. The musical brought the best of her talents. I was very amused how she delivered her lines vis-a-vis Elle Woods' signature flair and wit. She knows her voice strengths as well. On the other hand, Nyoy Volante (Emmett Richmond) was good but we saw no chemistry between him and Nikki Gil. Oh, it must be the height difference.

Cris Villonco (Vivian Kensington)  fits the role to a  T as the serious and boring fiancee of Warner Huntington III (played by handsome Guji Lorenzana). Since I have watched the film version a lotsa times, I am perhaps decided that the actress who would play Vivian should also come out as serious and boring. 

Geneva Cruz (Brooke Taylor Wyndham) was simply fabulous with her "Whipped Into Shape" number. She could do no wrong with those abs, I guess. Calvin Millado (UPS Guy) was very hilarious. My BF and I were laughing at him the whole time, and so did the entire theater. Whoever thought of getting him to play the role was so clever. His ill-fitting clothes and funny antics made his portrayal a whole lot funny. He was also funny in Avenue Q where he portayed the role of Brian, the comic fiance of Christmas Eve.

As expected, we came out of the theater with smiles on our faces. Although the film and the theater versions were both entertaining, I still want to grab the book authored by Amanda Brown who started it all!

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