Friday, July 23, 2010

Cupcakes by Sonja, Serendra

I first heard of this alleged queen of cupcakes from a talk show host. I also had an information overload of this cupcake store from reading several blog posts such as OAP and Market Manila. Aside from its seemingly pricey location, I never even bothered to try it right away since I'm not much of a sweet tooth.

First visit: June 24, 2010
My BF and I celebrated our paper anniversary and I literally dragged him to try Cupcakes by Sonja. Guess what? The rave about Cupcakes by Sonja was justified during my first bite! We picked two cupcakes to share, Peppermint Patty and Red Velvet Vixen. I bet little girls or tweeners would really love the charming presentation of these appetizing pieces of cake. Look at those dainty saucer tops.

Peppermint Patty: Valrhona dark chocolate cupcake topped with peppermint frosting (Php 68)

Red Velvet Vixen: Traditional Southern cupcake made with Belgian cocoa and cream cheese icing (Php 70)

Second visit: July 8, 2010
BF bought a dozen to give to her beloved boss who will celebrate her birthday the next day. While browsing the cupcake shelves, I had this mouth-watering urge to bite the cute PB & J's cupcake! Who says I'm on a diet? Nah.

PB & J's: Concorde grape jelly filled chocolate cupcake iced with creamy peanut butter frosting (Php 68)

Looking forward to another piece of cake by Sonja. Yum.

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