Friday, August 6, 2010

Krispy Kreme: Have A Break, Have a Kitkat Doughnut!

Date of visit: August 3, 2010

Have you ever craved for something sweet sometime in the middle of the week? Have you ever thought of taking a break from the routinary cycle of being a corporate refugee? A big YES! The solution: Have a break, have a Kitkat... doughnut! LOL!

Kitkat break: White chocolate filled snack doughnut (Php 42)

Everytime Krispy Kreme has something new to offer, my BF and I always make it a point to try the goodies. After all, he considers Kaffe Kreme (espresso, steamed milk and original Kreme flavor) as his favorite coffee since he set foot in the metro jungle. I so agree with him. Kaffe Kreme is much, much flavorful than S'bucks and the Kreme coffee aroma can be addicting. And, of course, their coffee is always best with the original glazed doughnut. For a doughnut which dates back to the 1930's, it's really good to indulge in its sweetness once in a while.

BF & I

I know, we really consumed a truckload of calories that afternoon. Yum and damn.

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