Friday, August 13, 2010

Yogurt Lovin' Part 2

Still on my quest to eat healthy, I chose this tasty yogurt as my dinner last night. Can you imagine it? A small cup of fruity, creamy and lightly tart yogurt was my sole tummy filler for dinner. Nope, I'm not on a diet. I'd say it straight-faced to anybody that I'm so, so, so not on a diet! Hey, I love to eat! On top of that, I learned that I gained 17 lbs. after a year of gobbling here, there and everywhere! 

Raspberry apple flavor (Php 25)

Okay, back to the yogurt. This was my futile attempt to detox so I could poop - for heaven's sake - and comply therefore with the annual physical examination (APE). Till next yogurt lovin'!

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