Monday, August 2, 2010

July 14: Nikki's Birthday

Last July 14, my one and only sister turned 18! Although she's no longer a minor, she's still our one and only baby in the family. All eyes are upon her when she comes of age. Days before her special day, she told our folks that it won't be a special day if all her favorites aren't there. So, what are her faves? Pizza, spaghetti and Jollibee Chickenjoy! 

The baby is now a lady.

Cakes for the girl

I brought Boston Chocolate Cake from BreadTalk, while our sis-in-law Sheryl brought Goldilock's Rocky Road. Since I'm much enamored with food lately, I visited Goldilock's site for a detailed info about the cake. Here it is: Rocky Road is a three layered chocolate sponge cake filled in between with chocolate frosting, marshmallow and chocolate chips. The whole cake is iced with chocolate frosting and finished with a ripple like design on the side. The surface and bottom side is bordered with vanilla butter icing that is drizzled with chocolate frosting.  Now, I'm craving for it. Gosh. I had no high expectations of Boston Chocolate Cake (Php 545) from BreadTalk considering the price. We all know that BreadTalk sells bread at higher prices, so for a chocolate cake worth Php 545, my expectations are low. My other siblings, however, liked it due to its Nutella-ish flavor.

The whole spread with the birthday girl's faves

Aside from Nikki's faves, our dear Mama ordered pork siomai (my nephew Dave's fave), fresh lumpia and beef caldereta from CCME Homemade Foodstuff. Due to their hectic work skeds, my folks rarely have time to cook for special occasions. Papa, however, made time to cook spaghetti for the debutante.

 Just perfect: Yellow Cab's vegetarian pizza and SML

Ivan & Jobo wanted

Spread the happiness!

Happy, happy birthday, Nikki!

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