Sunday, August 22, 2010

Holy Seat = Pee in Peace!

I often see this product in National Bookstore counters and Watsons. One time, I even asked a saleslady from Watsons Gateway Mall branch what it was and I got a lame reply. I thought it was a special kind of tissue paper for hush-hush moments and a special kind of hand sanitizer for those moments. Human ingenuity at its best, I thought.

Then, one lucky day, my co-corporate refugees and I went to the food court (never mind the smelly hair after) to buy lunch. Voila! Free Holy Seat items were given away after answering their survey form. LOL! It was definitely one of the cheap thrills of my daily corporate refugee life.

Pee in peace: handy spray toilet seat sanitizer and disposable toilet seat cover

Well, the best things in life are free! Pee in peace, everybody! LOL!


mhe-anne ojeda said...

hey,i've been buying holy seat for a year now and it is part of my emergency hygiene kit. it is one of those little discoveries i am so thankful for!thanks for writing about it.

amrutha katta said...

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