Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet Tisoy!

Name: Tisoy, the domestic kitten
Nickname: Soy
Scientific name: Felis catus
Born: August 16, 2010

Meet Tisoy, the newest member of the family. Mama got this lovable kitten from a cafeteria near her office. Sad to say, Tisoy was orphaned a few days after he was born. A feline lover, Mama asked one of the cafeteria people if she can take this kitten home. So this baby meow went home with her. My siblings came into agreement to name him Tisoy due to his light-colored fur. For the record, we already have one named Egoy - yes, a jet-black cat!

Tisoy has found a new crib, a new home.

He's one heck of a cute stress-reliever!

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