Sunday, August 29, 2010

My shoes are out of the box... literally!

"There's a little Imelda in all of us."
~ Imelda Romualdez Marcos in a 2009 print interview

Due to lack of outdoor activities during the long weekend, I was forced to do my part in household cleaning. I've lost count how many times my mother would tell me to sort out my shoes. Throw or give away some, things like that, blah-blah. I finally heeded my mother's plea this morning and I got the biggest surprise of my life! 

Magic 27

After throwing out some damaged shoes (say, 4 hopeless pairs of shoes, meaning, beyond repair already) and lining up all my rescued shoes, it dawned upon me that I have a total of 27 pairs of shoes! Well, I think the oldest shoe was bought in 2005. I know I have bought  more pairs of shoes all the way from 2005 which unfortunately didn't survive that long or were given away to relatives in the province. 

Wow, it was very, very nostalgic just staring at my old shoes again. I hope to write some details or memories behind every pair. That would be exciting and fun! :)

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