Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Taste of Phở at Phở Hoa

After work a while ago, BF and I trooped to Phở Hoa to have a steaming bowl of phở. I'm tad curious to taste the authentic phở in, where else, but Vietnam. Okay, my birthday first, then our trip to HCMC. Mustering enough patience not to get excited about Vietnamese cuisine is quite a hard task for a foodie like me. I had to tweak our itinerary a bit to accomodate my taste buds in November. After all, Vietnam is known for its delicious, fresh and healthy foods.

Vietnamese spring rolls occupy a special place in my foodie memory. In fact, we celebrated our first anniversary in Zao, a Vietnamese resto in Serendra.

Gỏi cuốn or fresh spring rolls (Php 127)

I love the peanut sauce. But I like Zao's version of gỏi cuốn more and, of course, its presentation.

Phở do vien or seafood noodle soup (Php 295; large)

I dumped all the basil leaves and bean sprouts to the bowl and squeezed the lemon afterwards to complete the phở experience. It's actually comforting to know that we ate something healthy.

Good for sharing

For dessert, we bought a box of  miniature Korean cakes from a food stall called Oishi Manju. The box contains 12 pieces of pastillas and choco-filled Korean cakes. I had this feeling that these are miniature versions of Japanese cakes, not Korean. Mind you, I consumed 10 pieces of these goodies since the aromatic sweetness was so addicting! Holy Moly!

12 pieces of pastillas and choco-filled Korean(?) cakes (Php 52.50)


*MrsMartinez* said...

Are you going to HCMC ? If yes, I have a list of restaurants to visit ; p
the restaurant is Quan an Ngon and another is Fanny Ice Cream!
Enjoy your vacation!

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