Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A.N.T.S. Canefusion's Sugarcane Juice

When sugar cane juice stalls started sprouting in visible nooks at the malls, I was really intrigued. During my elementary years, there was a lady who sells sugar cane stalks near our school gate and there was a bunch of kids who would buy and then munch on those stalks while walking home. I kid you not! I didn't get the chance to actually buy a sugarcane stalk myself, but a classmate of mine made me try it. It was sweet and rough on the tongue. That's how far my flimsy grade school memory can fill me in right now. The actual cost of one stalk back then escapes me.

 A 16 oz. cup of Canefusion (slushy 100% sugarcane juice) costs Php 40.

My sugarcane experience must not be that bad because I was instinctively happy when I approached A.N.T.S. Canefusion stall last Saturday and bought two cups for myself and BF. He looked perplexed when I handed him his drink. He told me that the juice is nothing new to him since he grew up in the province where sugarcane plants grow in abundance. Oh well. 

On the other hand, I was like a kid who just opened up her lunchbox and found that an ice-cold tetra pack chocolate drink was there instead of milk!  A wide smile. The sugarcane juice may have left a weird flavor in my tongue but with all its health benefits, I could easily disregard the grassy aftertaste and imagine that I'm holding a choco drink instead! La-la-la, grade school years. LOL!

A.N.T.S. Canefusion
Robinson's Galleria Food Court
* You can add Php 5 to infuse drink with calamansi, lemon or mint.


Mom-Friday said...

I love sugarcane juice too, always buy ANTS at SM foodcourt every time I pass by their stall :)

*MrsMartinez* said...

wow this is a must try when I go to Galleria hehe
I just had sugarcane juice over a week ago at a stall in SUKI market!

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