Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food Trip @ Gateway Mall

When: September 16, 2010

My first day of low-calorie diet was a disaster. Unfortunately, my system didn't adjust well because I went home feeling weak. During lunch, I cut down my rice portion to almost one-third of my usual and  it was really a difficult task. So when I heard Mama that she's going to the mall to buy bread, neon lights flashed at the back of my eyelids. Of course, I didn't think twice of accompanying her. Going to the mall means food!

Because I felt I was deprived of heavy food the whole day, I told Mama that I want to eat pasta or chicken. At Gateway Mall, the right place to go to is its food court, where you won't spend too much. And the only food spot at Gateway Food Express which deserves another visit is World Chicken. The others are merely so-so.

My order: grilled chicken with ranch barbecue sauce, mashed potato and pesto pasta (Php 158)

A couple of weeks ago, I had this very same ranch barbecue sauce on my grilled chicken. Check out here. Delicious!

For mama: grilled chicken with farm fresh mushroom sauce, Japanese rice and potato salad (Php 158)

Note that she's into carbo-loading too. :)

MXTea House meal for my nephew Dave

Oh, little nephew went with us and specifically voiced out that he wants fried chicken but not Jollibee. The stall beside World Chicken caught his eye so that's where he ordered food. Good thing he's not a picky eater.

On our way home, the scent of freshly-baked breads at BreadTalk attracted my nostrils. After browsing all the different kinds of bread on display, I finally decided to munch on this Indian bread.

Chicken curry naan (Php 45)

It's quite odd that my taste buds didn't look for any sweet stuff that night. Perhaps I was really  hungry that anything salty or spicy will be quickly devoured by me. Oh yes, including the crumbs of that naan! Hmmm... does naan have crumbs at all? Hahaha! :)

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