Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quick Breakfast: Granola Bar & Chocolate Blanco Drink

Traveling to the CBD during morning rush hour entails a lot of patience and control not to make funny tummy noises. So after settling in at my work station, I immediately grabbed a granola bar (go click) from my drawer. As far as I'm concerned, hunger pangs need to be remedied immediately!

Chocolate blanco & granola cinnamon bar

Granola bars have become part of my quick breakfast items at the office. Then I paired it with Pan de Manila's chocolate blanco drink. I was quite intrigued about it  when I visited Pan de Manila's branch in Timog Avenue, so I bought one sachet. This drink traces its roots from the Spanish colonial period in our dear country. Interesting, eh? Tsokolate eh? Oh, but that's creamy cocoa while chocolate blanco tastes like milk more than chocolate. If I was  then blindfolded, I would probably say it's Nido.

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