Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shoo Mosquitoes!

People close to me can attest to the fact that I really hate mosquitoes. In fact, I'm willing to sweat off by wearing jogging pants or jammies or jackets just to prevent those pesky mosquitoes from landing in my skin for a second or even a nanosecond at that. Plus, applying that seemingly famous brand of anti-mosquito lotion always gave me the feeling that I'm applying poisonous chemicals to my skin because of the smell. Yes, it may say soft and scented but, heck, it reeks like gasoline up to my nostrils.

Aside from leaving my skin so swollen red and very itchy after a successful bite (damn it), mosquitoes are also top contenders for carrying disease-causing germs. Just think of dengue. Think of how many times you've heard how dengue could pester the parents of a grade school kid or a toddler or even an adult who succumbed to the disease. Thus, prevention is really better than cure.

With neem and citronella extracts

I recently found an anti-mosquito lotion which smells like Perla laundry bar soap. Not bad at all. It's the most comforting smell I had after years of using anti-mosquito lotions. So, now that the whole metro has been experiencing rainshowers almost everyday and mosquitoes always seek refuge in dark, watery and murky places, it's always best to keep yourself protected. Shoo mosquitoes!

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