Sunday, September 5, 2010

World Chicken + DQ + Timezone

My boredom at work and dysmenorrhea (real valid!) propelled me to call in sick last Thursday. I thought I  can just curl up in my bed with a no-brainer book or watch TV or catch more forty winks, but I was wrong. After reading a few chapters and extending my sleep for a few hours, I got bored. Now what? So I cajoled my sister and nephew to go to Gateway Mall after their morning classes.

My sister and I had a late lunch at World Chicken. It's been a while since I haven't eaten at this foodie joint which makes grilled chicken more appetizing with their different sauces. On the other hand, my little nephew had lunch already while in school so that saved me a few bucks. :)

Combo meal platter for yours truly: grilled chicken with ranch barbecue sauce, mashed potato and bacon fried rice (Php 158)

For lil sis: grilled chicken with corn & mushroom sauce and pesto pasta (Php 132)

You'd think my main goal was to load up on carbo? Nope. That wasn't my intention, promise. :)


For dessert, we hopped to our favorite dessert place - Dairy Queen. My nephew and I picked cappucino and matcha green tea from their moolatte (described as: frozen blended coffee with DQ Soft Serve, covered with whipped cream) selection, while sister chose Blizzard with Kit Kat bits.

Sweet treats: matcha green tea (Php 49), Kit Kat blizzard (Php 65) and cappucino (Php 49)

Loyal DQ fans

Since we're at the food court already, the two kids asked for my permission to go to Timezone video arcade. Normally, my folks won't allow them to play, but I think these two kids are behaving themselves well so a little diversion won't hurt. 

They just got paparazzied by me!

Now I think I gave SL a new meaning: a food trip and video arcade at Gateway Mall. :)

World Chicken 
Dairy Queen
- Both located at Food Express, Gateway Mall

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