Saturday, September 25, 2010

15th Monthsary @ Brothers Burger

When: September 24, 2010

Typing the title of this post made me smile. It's not my usual, everyday smile which I can easily give to colleagues, my nephew or whoever I want to smile at, but a silly, very high school-ish smile. 15th monthsary. It's so cheesy I want to hide in my mother's skirt. Well, BF and I try not to lose our genuine desire to celebrate life's milestones. And it so happens that our 15th monthsary falls into the word "milestone". Hahaha!

As we did our customary swiping of prox card at work to log out, my tummy was already making noises. And one of the quickest ways to have dinner to is to grab a burger, right? We're both okay with it, so we ended up at Brothers Burger.

 Brothers burger (Php 125 each); onion rings (Php 65) and iced tea (Php 40)

 I'm starting to love onion rings.

We can't help but noticed that their burgers have shrinked over the years and looked less appetizing. I still remember the burger hype it brought to the foodie crowd once upon a time. Now, I'd say that the yummiest burger I've had was at Five Guys in downtown CHO.

Wacky shots while waiting 

Brothers Burger
Convergys Bldg., Ayala Avenue
Makati City

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