Thursday, October 7, 2010

Food Trip @ Burgoo

When: October 7, 2010

My good ole buddy Princess invited me to a food trip a while ago.  We've been food trippin' since law school days and I could barely remember our food trips at Gerry's Grill and Banana Leaf if not for this blog. I couldn't say no, could I? I've been craving for buffalo wings since Monday, that's why. Prior to saying yes, it's a toss-up between sticking to my diet or give myself a break. I chose the latter, obviously. I promised myself that no pasta or carbo loading this time. Partnering buffalo wings with veggie goodness (salad, dear) isn't bad at all.

 Seafood Chef (regular; Php 295) ~ seafood creation of crabmeat and baked shrimps with crisp Romaine lettuce in thousand island dressing

Pictured above is my friend's order. I think Burgoo's menu contributed a lot in deciding what to eat. The menu pictures surely whetted our appetites. True enough, the actual serving looks pretty outstanding.

Seafood Caesar Supreme (regular; Php 325) ~ traditional Caesar salad with fried calamari, grilled shrimps, crabmeat and parmesan cheese

It's my first time to eat a seafood salad. Not bad. I devoured the whole salad and it felt heavy on the tummy. I'll certainly try to assemble this kind of salad at home.

 Boneless Buffalo Chicken (regular; Php 295) ~ chicken tenderloins seasoned with herbs and spices, deep fried 'til golden and tossed with spicy buffalo sauce, served with crunchy celery sticks and blue cheese dip

Yum! My craving was instantly solved! I'm not a big fan of celery sticks though.

Bottomless drinks: iced tea (Php 69 each) and Coke (Php 59)

Tummy bulges are quiet hidden so let's smile. Hahaha!

2/F Gateway Mall
Araneta Center

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