Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chocomize is Love!

 Milk chocolate with candy corn, fall leaves and candy bats

Dark chocolate with candy bats and orange and black sugar

My heart literally stopped beating when I saw these chocolate bars today in A Cup Of Jo, a blog maintained by a magazine writer from New York. These Halloween-inspired chocolate bars came from Chocomize, a seriously rad shop that lets you build your own chocolate bars.

Two things made me wonder - (1) I'm not a chocolate fan and (2) I never did like Halloween, for crying out loud! Strange, isn't it? Now I find these chocolate bars very, very amusing and too cute for words! If only we have one cool chocolate shop here in Manila that offers similar services, then I'll definitely fall in line! I'm clueless about whether we have one in our shores though. It's not next to impossible, I know.

For now, I'll just remain engrossed browsing Chocomize site. :)

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