Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finally, Savory Tocino @ Red Ribbon!

When: October 10, 2010

My half-rice-diet during lunch was set aside today for the first time in three weeks. Culprit? The savory tocino meal of Red Ribbon. I've been waiting for my chance to taste this tocino after reading Mrs. M's blog and lunch time was the opportune time to taste it. Oh yes, I'm guilty of food blog-hopping.

Savory tocino (ala carte at Php 75)

I expected it to be more like Kapampangan's version, which is fatty and red, but it was not. This tocino somehow assured me that it was prepared with less preservatives. I wouldn't know how it was prepared so this is just my wild guess. :)

On the other hand, BF ordered bangus a la pobre meal. The meal includes a slice of cake and drink. I also had the chance to taste Red Ribbon's newest cake - chocolate fudge cake. No biggie.

 Bangus a la pobre meal (Php 145; add Php 5 for pineapple drink)

Red Ribbon
Pasig Bayan branch

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