Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dinner @ Super Bowl of China

When: October 8, 2010

Our Friday date always starts with this classic question -Where shall we eat? Where, where, where? We've been together for more than a year already and yet we don't have a default resto. That's partly the reason why it's quite difficult for us to compromise on where to eat. But we do have a default cuisine and it's Chinese. No sweat. Super Bowl of China always comes to the rescue when it comes to Chinese cuisine. I couldn't forget our peace treaty which was signed in Super Bowl Gateway early this year. Hahaha!

 Complimentary prawn crackers

SB celebrates its 10th year anniversary hence the Php 99 promo on their crispy noodles which is ongoing until October 31, 2010.

 The food server offered to mix the crispy noodles.

 Crispy noodles with assorted seafood (Php 99; original price is Php 250) ~ crispy fried egg noodles smothered with cuttlefish, boneless fish fillet, shrimp & other seafood, mixed vegetables, and mixed mushrooms in a clear, light seafood sauce

It's more than enough for two persons. We didn't manage to finish it all off.
 Combination platter (Php 395) ~  a combination of pork siomai, hakao, deep fried wanton, BBQ pork asado, roast chicken, sliced cuttlefish cold cuts, jellyfish with century egg, and pickled vegetables. Served with sweet and sour sauce on the side.

I think this platter is quite pricey. There were only two thin slices of century egg. Oh well.

Bottomless drinks:  red iced tea (Php 79) and lemonade (Php 79)

We had three refills for the drinks. Talk about making sulit. :)

Post-CR trip pic. Hahaha! 

People actually stopped on their tracks to accommodate this shot. Amazing.

Super Bowl of China
4th Level Atrium
SM Megamall 

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