Monday, October 18, 2010

"Double Double" @ Empanada Nation

When: October 18, 2010

I had my first taste of the famous Ilocos empanada at Salcedo Market  last August and I liked it so much.  Although I still think that it was expensive (priced at Php 60) for a flimsy piece of fried orange pastry, I am still craving for it every now and then. When I got wind that Ilocos empanada is now available in the Scout Area, I was excited to grab one. And that happened awhile ago.

Photo credit: Empanada Nation's FB page

The little store is frequented by many yuppies working nearby. They seemed to be regular costumers of this empanada store which can be classified as a hole-in-the-wall type. The menu items were clearly written in two blackboards.

Without thinking twice, I ordered "double double" which means that my choice of empanada will have two pieces of Vigan garlicky longganisa and two eggs. Damn, double whammy to my self-imposed diet.

 Sukang Ilocos

Looking at the bottles of Ilocos vinegar made me salivate already. After more or less five minutes, I finally got hold of this brightly colored empanada. Served hot and fresh!

Double double (Php 75) and Royal tru-orange (Php 30)

The ice-cold Royal tru orange was the best partner to my empanada. I was quite amazed with its size. It's much bigger and taller than the soda can. Well, it wouldn't be called "double double" if it doesn't contain the two pieces of longganisa and two eggs, right? Hence, the extra large size.

My generous sprinkling of sukang Ilocos added a flavor kick to this mighty Ilocano delicacy. Double double is double yummy! Be ready to burp with longganisa breath. Hahaha! :)

Scout Tuazon corner Roces Avenue
Quezon City


Ibyang said...

that's looks yummy and so orange hehe. ngayon lang ako nakakakita ng orange na empanada. i'd love to try that coz i love empanadas too.

and did you just say "vigan longganissa"? OMG i'm salivating now. i love vigan longganisa!

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