Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dinner @ Pancake House with Mama & Sis

When: October 12, 2010

A day before my birthday, generosity reigned in my heart. I finally gave in to my sister's clamor for a new pair of high-heeled footwear (strappy sandals in my book) for a school event. The quick shopping spree made me think - When was the last time I bought a new pair of shoes for a social event? I tried digging deeper into my memory bank but I failed to come up with a definite answer. Anyway, I extended my generosity a bit and was the dinner sponsor that night. Aha! I wore a "G" for generosity, so to speak, for that night. :)

I chose Pancake House that night since it's not packed with diners.

 Mediterranean pasta salad (Php 160) ~ a medley of fusili noodles with olives, tomatoes, walnuts and bacon bits topped with alfalfa sprouts and waffle croutons

Mama chose this pasta salad over the potato salad that she had been eyeing for in the menu.

Chicken fillet with cheesy spinach pesto linguine (Php 195) ~ deep fried chicken breast on spinach pesto linguine sprinkled with parmesan

Pictured above was my top pick among the patio pasta choices. Too bad. It was too bland for my taste. I could have much better pesto at World Chicken for almost half the price.

House special set (Php 215) ~  a delicious mix specialties of the house: taco, spaghetti with garlic bread,  pan chicken and iced tea (see below)

Nikki has always been a fastood fare fan, so she ordered the set which contains her two favorites: spaghetti and fried chicken.

Drinks: iced tea (from the House Special Set for Nikki), mango juice (me) and hot calamansi for Mama

Blueberry-filled pancakes (Php 147 for two pieces)

Since Pancake House is famous for pancakes (duh), we had some for dessert. Yum. Perfectly fluffy and not too sweet.

Pancake House
Gateway Mall

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