Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reminiscing Childhood: Scramble!

Back in grade school, I distanced myself from the wide array of street foods. I went to public school in the province and it's commonplace to see vendors selling all kinds of goodies ranging from banana cue and fritters, camote cue, pork barbecue, green mango (with bagoong or rock salt), semi-ripe papaya (with vinegar and salt), passion fruit (opened on top then you get to sprinkle salt to the seedy mix), cotton candy to... (cue suspense music) scramble! Those were the days. *sigh* Unfortunately, I was deprived of them during those days. My folks would usually warn me about the hepatitis scare. But the little rebel inside me would sometimes sneak away from folks' massive umbrella of concern. Gotcha!

Fast forward to 2010, I am now addicted to scramble goodness! Whoever invented this yummy treat is truly a genius!

The preparation of scramble is much, much more hygienic compared to yesteryears.  

Rundown of costs:
Large tub of pink ice shavings with milk powder and choco syrup = Php 17
Toppings/add-ons (mini-marshmallows, rice krispies, chocolate sprinkles, candy sprinkles etc.) = Php 3
Happiness = priceless!

If you read this and don't (1) say "I want that!", (2) mentally include this in your next food trip or (3) go and buy one when you see a scramble stall around the metro, then you should probably take memory enhancers or spiritual guidance (gasp) because you seem to have been deprived of one of the cheapest thrills of childhood. Also, I realize I am late on posting this, but it doesn't matter because scramble is timeless, at least for me. :)

Scramble stalls I've visited:
Buzbox Scrambles
SM Mall of Asia

Icebreaker Scrambles
ShopWise Cubao

Ice Cramble
Blessings & Prosperity Food Court
Ayala Avenue corner Rufino Street

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