Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pasta Dinner @ The Old Spaghetti House

When: October 12, 2010

My enchanted team went to The Old Spaghetti House for dinner last Monday to celebrate our recent victory. We got 99.99% audit score after three weeks of hard work. Woohoo! No sweat. It's just a simple thing called team effort. It really pays to remain positive. During the whole process, I learned three things: (1) maintain sincere conversations with people across the miles; (2) be straightforward; and (3) don't blink at all. Hahaha!


Below are the pasta dishes we ordered. I'm drooling right now because of this Italian food porn. I don't know how each pasta dish tastes like since I was loyal to my own pasta that night. Two of my teammates had seafood pasta and and the other two had pesto. I, on the other hand, chose a white sauce pasta.

# 1 - Seafood marinara for SS

# 2 - Seafood marinara for DL (oops!)

 # 3 - Pesto with grilled chicken for MS

# 4 - Pesto with grilled chicken for TV

# 5 - Beef stroganoff with fetuccine for me!

The beef strips are quite tender. It was good except that I had to sprinkle lots of parmesan cheese to kill the blandness.

Nacho supreme

We also had nachos before we ate our pasta. It was not impressive. I could easily replicate it at home and not scrimp on ingredients. Check out my previous entry about super nachos. :)

The Old Spaghetti House (a.k.a. TOSH)
Unit 1-A Paseo Parkview Tower
Valero corner Sedeno Sreets
Makati City


Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

i love The Old Spaghetti House' pesto with shrimp instead of chicken!

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