Monday, October 11, 2010

Binondo Food Trip: Dong Bei Dumpling

When: October 10, 2010

We (Mama, BF & me) were supposed to scout for a DSLR in Hidalgo Street but it turned that most camera shops in the area are closed during Sundays. Prior to our bargain hunting, we were quite unsure of what our Plan B is just in case we won't find any good price. I was almost ready to disregard the thought of mingling in the Sunday human traffic in Quiapo. Believe me, snatchers and market smell are big turn-offs but, heck, that much-coveted DSLR must be prioritized above all. 

Anyway, our uncertainty of finding a good DSLR proved to be true and no DSLR landed in our hands. So, mutual gut feel made us realize that - why don't we go to Chinatown? The mere mention of Binondo equates to food! Since it's 10-10-10 yesterday, a trip to Chinatown is just a fitting tribute to one of the lucky dates in the Chinese calendar.

After the obligatory visit to Binondo Church (formal name: Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz), we had our first stop at Dong Bei Dumpling. Note the absence of letter "s" at the end. Many foodies are raving about its kutchay (Chinese chives) dumplings which are freshly made at the entrance of this hole-in the-wall.

Kutchay dumplings 101

Dumpling wrapper

We had, of course, the famous kutchay dumplings. The filling is actually a mixture of pork and kutchay.

Kutchay & pork dumplings (Php 100 for 14 pieces)

Yes, the dumplings are very tasty. It's much more appreciated when dipped in chili soy sauce. Yum. It's my first time to eat this kind of dumpling so I wouldn't know if it's the best kutchay dumpling in town. 

A closer look at the filling

I hope they have disposable chopsticks next time.

Cold drinks: Wong Lo Kat herbal tea (Php 35) and Royal Tru-Orange (Php 25)

The herbal tea reminded me of black gulaman drink but without the gulaman bits.

 Yuchengco corner V. Tytana (formerly Oriente) Streets - the exact location of Dong Bei

Will Dong Bei Dumpling be included in my next food trip in Chinatown. Definitely! I'd love to try the fried version of their dumplings and some Chinese pancake.

Dong Bei Dumpling
642 Yuchengco Street
Binondo, Manila
(behind Binondo Church)

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