Sunday, November 29, 2009

"This and That" in Bora

Despite their delayed flights, I find no reason to dislike this airline. Really. It's synonymous to promo fares. Because of their promo fares, Cebu Pacific has become a byword in local tourism. Good thing I haven't really experienced their super delayed flights as told by my friends. I only experienced a 15-minute delay in our flight to Busuanga last September. Thank God. I rarely have patience for tardiness.


I'm quite impressed with NAIA Terminal 3, or maybe because, it's just new. Of course, new buildings look good most of the times. I dunno. Undeniably, it looks like we have something to be proud of. Maybe after a few more fixings here and there, this terminal will be at par with other airports in the world. Let's keep our fingers crossed for that. Who would want to welcome a foreign visitor, even our OFWs, in an unpleasant-looking airport? No one. The old domestic terminal should follow suit.

It seems like Mama Mary herself had put this reminder. If only all the tourists, local or foreign, will be truly responsible enough to heed this friendly sign, not just in Boracay but in all the beaches in this godforsaken country, then maybe, just maybe, Mama Mary will make an apparition to show her gratitude. Whoa! That will be the day.

Lost in translation? Cafes and restaurants offering foreign-sounding menus sprouted in the island. Boracay is listed as one of the most popular beaches in the world. So local and foreign tourists flocked to this island over the years to enjoy the white beach. 

This sign really caught my interest. Hmmm, out of curiosity, who "certified" their blindness? Just asking.

We saw this ad beside Nigi Nigi Nu Noos 'E' Nu Nu Noos Beach Resort. Yup. I noticed the difference not in their massage as compared to others but the "masseur's". Spellcheck alarm. And, oh, what does "Nigi Nigi Nu Noos 'E' Nu Nu Noos" really mean? I goggled it a couple of times, and the least Google offered me was to pry the resort's hid­den meaning out of the owners.

I really thought it's "buko". Whatever. The sign may slide down, but the price is surely going up. Meant for the foreign tourists, for sure. I miss my childhood summer days  in Lila, Bohol where I could just ask an elder to climb the coconut tree and get me a fresh buko. Superb drink!

Mind you, we were not the only ones who ogled at these three cute blond kiddos playing in front of Zhu Asian Cuisine resto. They were obviously tanned from playing under the Bora sun. Cute! We hurriedly took this picture so as not to scare their parents. Hahaha!

We both got our Havs on sale. When will these cool flip-flops step on the white beach again? I hope soon. I'd like to think that we could still use these same Havs on our next beach getaway. Otherwise, it will only show that another beach getaway won't be that soon as I hope or these flip-flops are not as sturdy as they claimed to be. 

These lounge chairs beside the pool are the perfect spot to catch wi-fi, and watch cute pool bathers, if any. In our case, there wasn't. I just took this pic mindlessly. A very resort-y feeling. 

It's amazing that as we grow old, our idea of fun also shifts. Rolling down a rubbery material (looks like can) along the sand is fun for this little girl. It was also fun watching her as she followed the can to the bottom and put it back on top so it could roll again. Ah, childhood.

I salute the foreigner who got himself a permanent tattoo in this studio. Sporting a henna tat while on the beach is cool, but a permanent one? That's another story. Admirable guts that guy had.

This trinkets vendor was probably wondering why we took a picture of her merchandise. Hahaha! You can see local vendors selling souvenirs and shell accessories in every corner. It reminds me of Quiapo. We saw Allah faithfuls converging near d' talipapa.

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