Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baguio Escapade: Day 2

Awed by the floral wonders of Burnham

On our second day in the City of Pines, we decided to visit the famous tourist spots. These places are usually present in every tourist's mental list. Just across Hotel Veniz, where we stayed, is the city's well-known park, the Burnham Park. As a quick background, it's actually my fourth time to visit Baguio. First was during junior high with some relatives; second was after my college graduation with my family and the recent one was last March with a couple of friends. As silly as it sounds, it always seem to stick in my mind that this city is commonly associated with honeymooners, for obvious reasons --- the cold breeze! (laugh)

GG posing as operator of orange swan boats in the man-made lake in Burnham

Our next stop is Camp John Hay. It's interesting to note that this place is full of historic value. Pardon my sickening indulgence over history trivia, but it really pays to be appreciative of the yesteryears. This U.S. military base turned concentration camp during WWII is really worth your while.

Hot cafe americano for GG & mocha frap for me while shooting the breeze at Figaro

"Butt out!"

I love this scenic eco-trail inside the camp. I love Mother Nature!

Wanna bet, pakbet?

It's nice to stretch your arms, and do the pose, yes, GG's default pose. (laugh)

The butterfly effect

While strolling inside the camp, we decided to make a quick visit at the Butterfly Sanctuary. The lady caretaker was so accomodating and kind enough to answer our queries regarding these beautiful winged creatures. She gamely asked us to pose with the most photographed butterfly of the day, and we did. See the butterfly effect? Yep, thanks to her!

Foodie & cutie couple (ehem)

We had our lunch at Everything Nice Cafe in Mile-Hi Center inside the camp. The food was great, although I totally forgot the names of the dishes we ate. One thing I couldn't forget though was I didn't eat rice. Hey, that's comparable to a Lenten sacrifice! For the record, I'm a rice eater, and my meals won't be complete without it. I totally deserve a pat on my back. (laugh)

Donde esta mi Fernando Jose?

Next on our list: Wright Park & The Mansion. I'm continually fascinated with these spots since it's like hitting two birds with just one stone. Here's a must-do: Take a swift survey of the famous big house, have a snappy shot at your digicam, cross the street and, voila, another tourist spot! Or you could do the reverse, whatever suits your fancy.

In fact, I committed a minor "crime" while at the Wright Park. I just couldn't stop myself from admiring a red gumamela, so I picked it up, and placed it on my right ear. A Rosalinda wannabe! Ooops, sorry!

The Wright pose

An interesting tree in Wright Park

"Ang gaan-gaan ng feeling!"

The owners of the Mansion.. for five seconds (camera clicks).

Of course, it's high crime if one would miss dropping by the Mines View Park while in Baguio. A trip to Baguio won't be complete if you don't have a picture with the oh-so-familiar background of green, foggy mountains. This tourist haven is really a feast for the eyes because of the colorful commercial stalls selling pasalubong and souvenirs.

The oh-so-familiar panoramic view that's uniquely MVP-ish
Colorful Cordilleran folks at my back

We also had our pictures taken with the Baguio's most popular dog, Douglas. I think this St. Bernard is fast becoming a tourist attraction itself. (laugh)

Bigger than us

Douglas and I

It was indeed a tiring day; in fact, my leg muscles stiffened from all the walking we did. But, the cold breeze had, once again, succeeded in taking away my tiredness.

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