Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not my thing

I'm seven days away from our Bora escapade, and I still haven't achieved my desired waistline. Gone are the days when I could munch anything I want without gaining weight. I miss those days. Argh. During my college days, I could devour a whole roasted chicken with two servings of chicken macaroni salad and yet my tummy will still be flat. It remained the same until I went to law school. In fact, it was much better during law school. I could eat anything I want in one sitting, without the guilt, and friends would consider me sexy, whatever that means. Whoa! "Go flatter yourself," I said to myself.

Maybe I should start the oatmeal diet, a perennial fave of Edward Suites Room 314 (my memory just escaped me --- Is this correct?) ladies who want to wear fitted clothes. Oatmeal diet means a bowl of Quaker oats mixed with sugar and powdered milk, that is, if you're lucky to bring some over the weekend to the condo. Sometimes, I'd have a ulam-flavored tuna just to trick my taste buds that I'm still Pinoy, ya know, with rice and ulam on the side. Yeah, oatmeal serves as a substitute for rice. Ooops, I did this during my senior year in law school because that's when I finally discovered that my metabolism has slowed down a bit.

So, back to Oplan Bora. First, I have to shed a few inches off my waist. Second, I have to buy another two-piece. Help, help! It seems that I need to resort to a crash diet to be able to do this. Good Lordie! No way! Never did I imagine that I'll be mumbling these things off. I thought I would never, ever encounter weight problems in my lifetime. Well, there's always that perstaym (Pinoyspeak). Or, maybe I'm just overreacting things here. I dunno. Maybe, just maybe.

One thing's for sure, I will NOT resort to crash diet. EVER. It's simply not my thing.

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