Friday, November 13, 2009

The baby is now a lady

That's my sister, Anna Dominique. We fondly call her as "Nikki", but there are times when we call her with silly pet names we invented when she was a toddler. Pet names would vary depending on our moods and her behavior towards us.

1) "Niknok" - We used this when we're trying to show or attempting to show affection. She's the youngest, so that's normal.

2) "Bakiki" - Mama calls her this everytime the former wants to hug or smooch the latter.

3) "Bunsoya beans" - "Bunso" means the youngest sibling, and the only logical word that would match up with that word is a specie of a legume. What the heck! (laugh)

4) "Ekpi" - It's still a mystery how we came up with this silly-sounding pet name. If my memory serves me right, this is a name of a dwarf in a cartoon series. Oh, those were the days!

..... and many more. Stand by until my memory comes back to life.

All I know is, Nikki may no longer look like a baby, but she will always be. She's all grown up now, and it only reminds me that I'm getting older too. For crying out loud, she does her own make-up!

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