Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank God for flats

Imagine yourself working in 41st floor of PBCom Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the metro, and there's an on-going speculation that a fire drill will happen some time during the day. To top it all, you're not physically fit, or to put it bluntly, lampa. Oh dang!

I happen to work in 41st floor and a certified lampa. So, imagine me walking so obediently, using the stairs, from 41st floor down to the ground. At the outset, I'm so thrilled with the fact that I'll be going down with my team mates and GG (read: boyfriend). Pardon me for using this cheesy term, but a friend of mine insisted that I should call my current beau as GG, okay, okay, God's Gift. See, it's cheesier when spelled out (big mental grin).

Okay, back to the fire drill. We used the stairs while psyching myself that I'm very physically fit, and I sincerely thanked God that I've always been a fan of Greek-inspired sandals/flats. I'm spared literally from the aches that a 3-inch heeled shoes could bring to a woman. BUT I was never spared from the muscle pain after the fire drill. We came from 41st floor, imagine that! I'm so proud of myself. While I'm writing this entry, my legs are still throbbing from pain. It reminds me of one of my fave desserts -- gelatin!

Ever since I got hooked to "The Secret" and all positive mantras, I vowed to find something positive about anything or things which I should be thankful for. First, I thank God for flats. Second, I thank God that GG was with me during the fire drill. He, who patiently held my hand during the fire drill, had no problem during the fire drill since it's a prevailing fact that he's a gym buff. We're exact opposites. Oh geez, that reminds me of my once-upon-a-time wish to enroll in a gym class (laugh from my subconscious mind). Third of all, I thank God I had no breathing problems or asthma (another laugh).

Oh well, in every struggle, there's always an air of positivity waiting to be discovered, and, lo and behold, I've discovered three. I should stop sulking over my lampa moment. Isn't that neat? Okay, back to my Gatorade and veggie chicharon.

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