Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tam-awan Village

The ticket booth

I got these trivia bits below from a travelogue. On our second day in the City of Pines, we went to Tam-awan Village, which is a 15-minute drive from downtown. A friend of mine recommended it since it's a far cry from the usual scenic spots that every tourist visits while sojourning in Baguio.
"Tam-awan in the local idiom means "vantage point," an apt name for a colony of Cordillera Huts that sit on a hillside that affords visitors a magnificent view of the South China Sea on a clear day."
A natural haven for the creative natives, Tam-awan Village became well-known as the headquarters of the famous Filipino national artist Ben Cabrera, who is always referred to as Bencab."
Hmmm... interesting. Let's see.

The obligatory shot in front of the signage.

It was drizzling when we got there. Few raindrops here and there but we didn't make a big deal out of it. It's nature's way of reminding us that, hey, there's still water in this godforsaken country. (laugh)

As we entered the little village, with some extra precaution since the steps were bit slippery from the rain, arts and culture were on top of my mental list. Arts and culture. Wow, big words! But, I think my mental list, or GG's own mental list, for that matter, took a little exciting turn. We ended up taking wacky pictures in this artists' haven. (laugh)

My fictional Igorot officemates
Save your bladder.
Playing innocent in Ugnayan Bridge
GG's wee-wee pose
Welcome to my kingdom!

This hut is the smallest Ifugao house as it can have only three occupants maximum. Its kitchen is also still preserved and functional.

Picklock? Violation of Art. 304 of the RPC.

I'm no midget!

That's the Kinakin hut, a smaller version of the Batad hut, without the dormer.

Without doubt, Tam-awan Village is worth a visit from every tourist who never gets tired in exploring the many facets of this city.

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