Saturday, November 14, 2009

Philippine Military Academy: Integrity, courage & loyalty

       Heli-helluva pose

Growing up, I was always amazed of how men in uniform conduct themselves. Their snappy cadence and stone-cold posture seem so god-like that I couldn't help but admire their innate discipline.  An uncle of mine went to this prestigious military school, and until now, I look at him with so much respect and admiration. Our last stop in Baguio is the Philippine Military Academy.

Upon entering the place, I was instantly awed by the military men jogging in the walkways.  Most motorists would briefly gaze at them and, what the heck, try to catch their attention. For the life of me, I simply don't understand that. (laugh) But these men, who are disciples of discipline, never heeded any of those uncalled-for attempts of catching attention. Now, that's discipline at its best. They do bleed during combat, don't they? Just asking.

  "Sir, yes, sir!"

GG's version of heli-pose

"Wait for me!"

"Leave no man behind, right?"

The Grounds

Courage, integrity and loyalty. For a PMA-er, these three words are their guiding principles. I wonder if it's the same with the ordinary Juan dela Cruz. Hmmm... (thinking)

GG's wacky poses

Below are some of my so-called "crazier-than-Sisa" moments. I think the peace and quiet of the place gave me a boost of confidence to let out my wacky side. Indulge!

"Poos (push), Josephine, poos (push)!" --- Rizal's unforgettable line to Bracken in Jose Rizal bio-film (circa 1998)

Mabuhey wave!

Paparazzi shot

This reminds me of Cadet Claire, a cheesy flick from Disney.  

"Carry on!"

As we left Fort del Pilar (where PMA is), my respect for the future leaders of this country runneth over. My heart goes out to the soldiers, especially those below the ranks, who chose to dedicate their lives for our contry, and yet, they are often forgotten.

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