Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random happiness, minus quirks

So, in constant apppreciation of anything good in my life and to honor my vow of updating my blog every day, I will now list down whatever I could think of. Happy thoughts, y'all!

1) The Holy Week

Taken last June 2009 at Chocolate Hills in Carmen

The Daisypath ticker has been playing its role very well. It reminds me majorly well that I'm a few days away from Holy Week, and how it's synonymous to Bohol. I long to feel the unpolluted air of a laidback town, where everyone is just a walking reminder that life is intended to be spent mingling with anything nature. And I should not be impatient about it. I always remind myself that Bohol will always be our home, at least, for my folks. Let's count five years to a decade from now. Then, folks will be happily relocated in the island - eating the greeniest veggies and the freshiest catch of the day (read: fish). Will Mama master the art of cooking bibingka (mixed with local palm wine/"tuba") by then? Let's see.

2) Choco Attack

So my boyfriend brought his second Red Ribbon's Chocolate Heaven last Sunday, lunch time. And trust me, it cured all my longing for anything chocolate-y. I suddenly felt guilty how I've been bugging him about chocolate cake. I told him to just buy the junior size, but, as expected, my pleading fell into deaf ears. I could still imagine the ravaged portion (see photo) sitting inside the ref. A choco monster of a cake seething with impatience, waiting to be attacked by a choco addict. Uh-oh, not me, for now. Oh well. Aside from this cake, some Marks & Spencer's Swiss chocs and two large packs of M & M peanuts are all waiting for choco devourers. This much I can say: I will abstain from eating anything choclits for A MONTH. I will survive.

3) Avenue Q

This is the cast of the Avenue Q which started showing last March 21. And tomorrow is the day that I get to watch it. Maximum level of excitement has seeped its way to my blood. Yey! So there. I have high hopes for it. But CATS in July will be different, so I have to reserve extra energy for another level of excitement - just for Miss Lea Salonga.

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