Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's in the BAG?!

Down times at work make my eyes wander here, there and everwhere, save for my giddy state due to reading random posts from blogdom. And this time, my trusty Coach crossbody bag is my target. What's in the bag? Currently, right now, right this moment, as we speak, my bag contains the following items:
  1. wallet that will not close because it's too full (of plastic ID cards); 
  2. two packs of wet wipes (my security blanket for hush-hush reasons); 
  3. Maya Angelou's novel All God's Children Need Travelling Shoes; 
  4. a hairbrush and a comb (for bad hair days, whichever suits best); 
  5. hand sanitizing spray (almost empty); 
  6. body spray (whoa, this is almost one year old!); 
  7. two hankies (fresh & one-day old); 
  8. iPod nano;
  9. old Nokia cellphone (non-techie here); and a 
  10. coin purse (my emergency purse actually which I instantly grab at the slightest nudge of the bus conductor asking for fare).
Of course, the foregoing list is not inclusive of some extra stuff inside the pockets. Extra stuff translates to dental flossers, two Carmex lip balms (buy 1 take 1 promo of Walgreens in Mckinney, TX and subconsciously I don't like my dry lips getting abandoned, hence I bring two... LOL!), Alba tangerine lip balm (see? Let's love our lips!), pocket deo stick, face powder, powder blush, two MRT cards, two scrunchies and a headband.

In other mundane news, I chopped off half of my hair last weekend. I'm ready for the summer heat. I think that the weight of my bag counterbalances the lack of weight on the top of my head. LOL!

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