Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ignore the wave of nostalgia & just eat!

The title says it all. Last night was the night of the newest batch of people who are now authorized to use the suffix Esq. Human as I am, I can't help but feel a tremendous wave of nostalgia with the impending release of  (news flash: released as of 10 p.m. last night) the results. 'Nuff said. And so we decided to have dinner at Kitchen in Greenbelt 3 just to calm anything which needs to be calmed, so to speak. Methinks that I have been playing the role of a sponge, and I have successfully absorbed all the anxiety of my barrister-friends for the past few months.

And as a human sponge, I have to be squeezed to unload the germs (read: anxiety, pressure and the like) and bubbles (heck, sponge eh?). And there's no better way to ease up but to heed the clamor of resident worms. So off we go to Kitchen. This cozy resto, by the way, was the venue of our first unofficial date. So there.

My trusty point and shoot cam was very helpful indeed.
Sweet Serenade (pandan with honey) & Easy Bait (linguine noodles with Spanish sardines & olive oil)

Just across my pasta is BF's perennial favorite - On Barbie's Cue (kebab sticks, obvs).

If you ask for water, it is always in recycled liquor bottle with some organic herb inside. Hmmm, sorta unique.

For our sugar fix, we went to Sugarhouse.

Hot caramel macchiato (for BF) and chocolate truffle (pour moi)

Did I just say I'll abstain from eating chocolate in my previous post? Well, the title says "... just eat" and I won't qualify the same for now. LOL!

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