Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yaku Japanese Grill + Sebastian's Chilly Burger

When: November 5, 2010

Friday traffic can really make a person hungry. In our case, that's what happened. While braving the traffic, the carbo monster in me got so famished even though I had already stuffed myself with delectable portions of spaghetti, pancit palabok and pichi-pichi before leaving the office. So, BF and I decided to eat again.  In an instant, I voiced out my craving for something Japanese. After browsing almost all the restos at The Podium, we found ourselves entering this partially lit Japanese resto called Yaku.

Free appetizer: dilis!

Their dilis is to die for! It's sweet and crunchy at the same time.

Nabeyaki udon (Php 292.32)

We asked the server if they can split the serving and he accomodated our request. Their udon was far more tasty than Kimono Ken's. Their nabeyaki udon contained generous pieces of mushrooms, shrimps and other meaty/chewy bits. More importantly, the broth tastes a-okay.

 Gyuniku (Php 161.28) ~ spring onions wrapped in beef

At first, I had no idea what gyuniku is. I was captivated by the pretty picture in the menu and I pointed it out to the server. We're happy that this Japanese food taught me to appreciate spring onions. Never underestimate this dish because it's so filling.
Presenting our busog faces! 

True enough, Yaku Japanese Grill boasts of an ambiance perfect for those who want to have some peace and quiet and, of course, delicious Japanese food! We consider going back to Yaku when Japanese food craving strikes again.

We capped off our dinner date with chilly burger from Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio and had it split into two halves. It only took me one bite and I was in ice cream nirvana!

Chilly burger (Php 120) ~ peanut butter cup burger (peanut butter cup cookies filled with chocolate ice cream and rolled in even more chopped peanut butter cups)

Interesting ice cream variants

I'd love to try that Fro-Ya flavor next time! Now, who doesn't love Friday dates?

Yaku Japanese Grill
3/F, The Podium

Sebastian's Ice Cream 
4/F, The Podium

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