Monday, November 29, 2010

Savoring Saigon: Fanny Ice Cream

 When: November 24, 2010

After our delicious lunch at Lemongrass in Dong Khoi area, we continued exploring the city on foot. Since Vietnam and the Philippines are blessed with tropical climates, the best way to cool down is to have some ice cream, right? Mrs. Martinez, a famous lifestyle blogger, recommended this ice cream parlor when she learned that I'll be going to Ho Chi Minh City. It was such a huge relief on my part to just rely on other people's recommendation and most of them are significantly true to their words. Fanny Ice Cream  reportedly serves the best ice cream in town.

Lots of ice cream flavors

 Cute water pitcher and glasses

In Vietnam, it's almost mandatory that they serve complimentary green tea or water to the diners. I have to commend the staff for serving us bottomless ice-cold water during our brief stay. At first, we were cautious about drinking water served in the restos since we're in a foreign country. Good thing there's a convenience store similar to 7-11 right infront of our hotel where we buy our daily supply of bottled water. :)
My choice: chili chocolate or chocolat piment (26,000 VND or Php 58.47)

I didn't regret ordering this unique flavor. I happened to love the exciting combination of sweet chocolate and the spicy kick of chili. I can easily compare it with FIC brand in the Philippines due to the rich flavor. It  also reminds me of my new favorite wasabi ice cream in Yaku at The Podium.

 Folks enjoying kem sura (ice cream)

 Mama's choice: durian or sau rieng (28, 000 VND or Php 62.97)

 Papa's choice: passion fruit sorbet (24,000 VND or Php 53.98)

BF's choice: rum raisins or rum nho (28, 000 VND or Php 62.97)

I'd say you'll get giddy if you order rum raisins. The alcohol content in it will make you eat a bit more slowly than the usual.

 Kem sura lovers unite!

Two thumbs up for Fanny

Even with just one scoop, it's more than enough to tell that Fanny is certainly one of the best ice creams I've had in my life. Armed with a city map and pen and paper, we were able to find this quiet ice cream spot in District 1. Never hesitate to ask the locals in case you get lost since they are most helpful in finding the exact spot. :)

Fanny Ice Cream
29-31 Ton That Thiep Street, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City
(beside Temple Club resto)

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