Monday, November 15, 2010

Il Dolce Far Niente, Part Uno

The title has been obviously inspired by Eat Pray Love, the most recent film I've watched. It's the time of the year where I usually feel so lazy. Blame it on the intermittently slow workload, holiday spirit and, horror of all horrors, a major bus strike? Oh well. One sure-fire way of cheering myself up is to take a peek at my camera and sort things out. That being said, I noticed my drafts have piled up and I don't want to be buried in a mountain of drafts, do I? So, here goes another random post from two weekends ago.

One of my quirks is to try new things, relatively speaking. So when my officemate and I were homeward bound one night, we tried this coffee & hot choco vendo machine near Ayala MRT just because.

The news literally came alive in Manila Bulletin 3D edition. Some images are best viewed using the 3D glasses.

General rule: I dread deep-fried food. But the rule admits of an exception - Twistix potato! As a certified cheese lover, I had my crunchy and uniquely shaped potato sprinkled with lotsa cheese.

Twistix potato is the best when paired with peppermint mocha frap! Trust me on this. This is an unhealthy breakfast combo but it isn't a crime to deviate from health standards once in a while, right?

I can't imagine my weekends without going to Booksale. It's a foolproof way to keep me sane in this phase called "the sweetness of doing nothing".

I never really produced a sane idea when I'm dead tired from doing nothing at the office, thus I captured all these random stuff.

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