Thursday, November 18, 2010

I ♥ Dulcinea's Churros con Chocolate

When: November 7, 2010

Whenever I see Dulcinea in malls, churros con chocolate immediately comes to mind. This Spanish doughnut  used to be my favorite during my senior year in law school. Whew! It seems like only yesterday.  Since there's nothing interesting to blog about these days, I might as well proceed with my food blogs. On an afternoon stroll en route to my Sunday trip to Booksale, I chanced upon Dulcinea and decided to relive my churros days! Yes, I am that random and quirky.

Desde 1963 

We ♥ churros

 Churros con chocolate (Php 98)
Sopa de mariscos (Php 85) ~ seafood medley soup

The soup was surprisingly excellent and perfect partner for churros! 

More churros lovin'...

... and some more churros lovin'

I guess our churros was the most paparazzi-ed churros that afternoon.  :)

2/F Ali Mall
Araneta Center

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