Monday, November 1, 2010

Carver's Steaks and Sizzlers

When: October 19, 2010

One day, the BF and I practically ran out of food choices in the Araneta Center area. It must be a massive oversight on my part for not eating at Carver's Steaks and Sizzlers. It was surprisingly cheap and the food was good in this price range. So I pointed out to him this food joint which is easily transformed to a beer-drinking yuppie place at night.

The menu

I just had my hair chopped off before our dinner date. I've been sporting my new 'do for almost two weeks now and my hair has been very obedient. Good job to Going Straight!

What's with the face, huh? LOL!

Combo meal: 2 cups of Java rice, sizzling chicken and beef strips, pitcher of iced tea and moussert (Php 299)

I didn't expect much from the featured dessert called moussert. It's actually an overly sweet cheapo kind of choco mousse.

Sizzling goodness up close

The beef strips were exceptionally tender, while the sizzling chicken was just okay. Imagine your ordinary fried chicken with lots of gravy on top and that's it.

New find: Nestle Chuckie choco swirl (Php 15)

After the meal, I begged the BF to go to Rustan's Supermarket ice cream section and I'm proud of my new find - Nestle Chuckie choco swirl! I love the gooey chocolate swirl in the middle of the popsicle! Definitely one of life's cheapest thrills! :)

Carver's Steaks and Sizzlers
Shopwise Arcade
Araneta Center

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