Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kangaroo Jack

When: October 30, 2010

A quick research tells me that Kangaroo Jack is "a steak lover’s haven with its menu boasting of delectable porterhouse, tenderloin, and T-bone steaks, sizzling meals and grills. It also serves burgers, pizza, nachos, quesadilla and a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes, all priced much lower than that of the big brands currently available in the market." Just to satisfy my curious foodie self, I convinced the BF that we should try it.

The menu

The resto interior was surprisingly impressive, maybe because it's fairly new.

 Spot 'em!

We noticed that there were hardly no diners that afternoon. Either people are busy trooping to cemeteries or the food's bad, I didn't know yet at that moment. The couple on the far end are members of the crew having their late lunch. Now, let's go to the food.

Marinara (Php 169) ~ house favorite, a mix of all-time favorite seafoods tossed over special marinara sauce. Served with garlic bread.

Yes, that's what BF ordered. I took a couple of fettucine strands to pass verdict. Well, the pasta sauce was too sweet.

Hungarian & pasta (Php 139) ~ grilled hungarian sausage served with white or red pasta and garlic bread

I chose this combo meal since I love pasta and hungarian sausage. My verdict? Just okay. You really got what you paid for. I can tell that the sauce came straight from instant spaghetti sauce pouch. :)

Banana fritters with vanilla ice cream (Php 55)

I thought that the dessert would save the day, but we were wrong. They used rancid oil for frying the turon. Oh well, it must be the food and not the holiday.

Kangaroo Jack (near Mang Inasal)
Araneta Center

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