Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nasi Lemak: Authentic Singapore Food (Yes!)

Maybe I'm still suffering from a hangover from the not-so-far-away thought of actually experiencing the Singapore Food Festival hence, this post. A few hours away from watching Legally Blonde The Musical at the nearby Meralco Theater, I convinced the BF to have dinner at Nasi Lemak at Robinson's Galleria. This cozy resto boasts of authentic Singaporean cuisine and I'd say that the prices are quite affordable nonetheless.

First off, BF and I agreed to order the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice combo meal which only costs Php 128 including a regular iced tea. Since I didn't have the chance to taste the same dish at the Orchard Road (see previous post), I wouldn't know which tastes better. Surprisingly, I found this dish so simple yet tasty. On the other hand, BF swore that Orchard Road's version is more tasty than Nasi Lemak's. Oh well.


The big revelation to me though is the spicy noodle soup called laksa (Php 200; good for 2-3 persons). I have to admit that I have never developed even a tiny bit of tolerance when it comes to spicy food. My threshold for spicy food is barely low but laksa successfully crept in to my imagined threshold for spicy foods. The combination of ingredients and the prawn/coconut based broth was addicting. 

Check out the almost squeaky clean individual bowls as evidence. A peak at their menu would reveal that they serve the best laksa in town. At this point, I wouldn't know if it's only advertising hype at its best, so I'll just concede to my taste buds - I ♥ laksa!

To cap off our nice dinner, we came up with funny nose shots. I think this is an upshot of my runny nose after  eating the spicy laksa. :)

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