Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gurts by Pancake House

Date of visit: July 2, 2010

My daily commute to the CBD is not complete without drooling at food billboards. One specific billboard caught my eye for almost a week and it's about GurtsPancake House has joined the fro-yo craze so they came up with Gurts. Said billboard tortured me everyday with this line: Gurts. Creamy and cool. 98% fat-free frozen yogurt. Finally, when the chance to visit Pancake House came, I immediately tried the fro-yo. 

A replica of the billboard faced me.

At last, my blueberry white chocolate chip cheesecake fro-yo! Craving solved.

While the BF was giving me a puzzled look at my current craving, he's happy with his order. 

Country Style Medley: classic pancakes with country sausage with coffee (not in the pic)

I hope against hope that billboard cravings will stop ASAP. No more space for extra calories. 

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mhe-anne ojeda said...

You know girl how I am craving for the gurts now! blueberry is my favorite of all the berries, cheesecakes are heavenly and yogurt? oh i am so crazy about it!!with the three combined...i couldn't taste buds..ughh! thanks for the post!