Friday, July 23, 2010

Persia Grill, SM Megamall

Notwithstanding our busy (in my case, not so) work schedules, my BF and I still like to spend time together strolling in the mall after office hours. Reasons vary, but we both like to eat out and watch movies to unwind. As always the case, I immediately said yes to a free movie and dinner!

Since BF was very vocal of his craving for kebab, I couldn't just say no, could I? So, Persia Grill it is. Our first Persia Grill date was in the Valero branch last year. The Valero branch is pretty impressive due to their attentive waitstaff and cozy ambiance. Plus, the Persian decors are eye candies for hungry customers. We noticed that the SM Mega branch is not that full of customers, maybe because of their poor location.

Classic duo: yogurt sauce and hot sauce for anything kebab-ish.. Well, let's just say that I'm partial to all-time fave Mister Kebab's special yogurt sauce.

My sexy mango yogurt shake (Php 70)

BF's drink - Portugal's Super Bock beer (Php 95)

Chelo Kebab Kobindeh (Php 199) - Two sticks of charbroiled ground beef prepared with Persian spices served with fresh grilled tomatoes, eggplant and yogurt dip and steamed long grain Biryani rice with butter

Persian Burger (Php 105)

This looks like your ordinary shawarma but it's not. In fact, I never did like shawarma due to its strong onion aftertaste. Persian burger contains the same charbroiled ground beef found in chelo kebab meals with tomatoes, lettuce and special sauce. Very heavy and yummy!

While waiting for the bill, we can't help but notice this star-inspired lamp. It reminds me of the starlit sky which is synonymous to romantic dinners often depicted in mushy rom-com films and cartoon flicks. Gosh.

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