Monday, May 3, 2010

Finally, A Breather!

Yes! Today, I finally have a breather. Last week, the Malacañan Palace announced that May 3 is a non-working holiday in our country (God bless the Philippines) so as to give the Filipinos a chance to observe Labor Day. In the absence of a planned weekend getaway, I opted to stay at home. Several awesome things are just lurking around and trying to tempt me in the most challenging way, but my Elle Woods dream remains on top of it all.

My sole reminder that it's summer in my own bubble of the world.

So, lines like "I am a child of the universe", "Don't disturb", "You! Off my planet!" rule my dormant life nowadays. These will, I hope, contribute to my dream. I know this is all temporary. I have to create a protective bubble against negative vibes and pathetic visions. And, lo and behold, my first break of the day is to munch something healthy. Your honor, the above photo is being offered to prove the fact that fruits are pretty, healthy and so summery. Ta-ta!

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