Monday, May 17, 2010

Ah, the pizza... & pistachio!

My week-long craving for pizza finally got satisfied last Sunday. I had not felt that satisfied and happy in terms of food during the weekend. So, naturally, I had to write this entry  to express what I was feeling. Geez, am I on my way to pizza gluttony or what?

Yellow Cab's NY Classic

While munching on this Italian delight which somehow reminds me of NYC, I saw some pizza madness  statements that were obviously written by a pizza fan like yours truly.

AH, the PIZZA! Something bitter and sweet, long and short, old and new, always the same yet totally unexpected, the staff of life and its incomparable accompaniment! I have a special liking for this poor man's dish which is as rich in symbols as the sacred host. While you are eating a pizza, you can tell it all your troubles, how far behind you are on your rent, how you lost your job, with whom you have transacted some slightly piece of business, or anything else you like. No other dish is as companionable; the pizza is a moon your plate and no matter how deep may be the night of your appetite, it will always light up the way.

--Guiseppe Moratta
 And, at that moment, the best way to end  my pizza craving was to polish off this yummy pistachio ice cream.

La vita รจ bella indeed!

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